At the request of the Alexandropov Institute of Oncology and Medical Radiology (the equivalent of our National Cancer Institute) JHI sent three leading oncologists from the US and Israel to present a series of lectures describing the latest technology on neuro-oncology procedures at the Belarusian State Oncology and Medical Radiology Congress in fall 2009. Dr. Frank Lieberman was the lead physician in this endeavor. He stated in his report, "the JHI missions to Minsk have been among the most fulfilling of my academic/professional life. This program is a uniquely good fit for my professional skills and Jewish interests. I think we impacted neuro-oncology care for the entire nation of Belarus in this relatively short trip and I look forward to going again. Realistically, it takes the Institute staff at least a year to integrate the concepts into their practice. I think that intervals of 2-3 years for neuro-oncology updates are appropriate. On a different note, the trip was both moving and somewhat sad, when one considers the previous grandeur of the Torah community in Minsk both in size and learning prior to the devastation of the Shoah."

      In May 2010, a three person team traveled to Minsk, working in two arenas with the elderly clients of Hesed and with students. Dr Aguliansky (urologist) and his wife, Svetlana (ultrasound technician) "..we did something more important for the community, giving consultations as urologist and Svetlana did ultrasound clinical examinations for Hesed patients. There were many more patients than we could see who asked for a consultation as second opinion. This was very important to the Hesed Clients. I think my best work was in medical consultations. The patient got a reassurance that their present treatment is appropriate, which gave them a sense of comfort that was extremely important. For Jewish people of Minsk, is very important to receive some care from Jews from other countries. I think this is important lesson for the Jewish world." Jeanne Lipsitt delivered four lectures to over 300 university students on personal safety, alcohol and drug addiction and the treatment thereof; and, an additional lecture on Smoking dangers for teenagers was delivered to JFOS (Jewish Family Outreach Services) youth group clients.