Through missions by volunteers in these locations, Jewish Healthcare Internatoinal has engaged over 672 volunteer healthcare professionals on 170 missions where new and advanced ideas and techniques have been taught to local healthcare  professionals.

We have placed approximately 433 Diaspora Volunteers and 239 Israeli Volunteers who gave lectures, ran clinics and instructed local staff one on one.

We have visited 484 homebound individuals, not only evaluating their health care status and diagnosis, but bringing into their homes the joy of knowing they were not forgotten by the world.

With local medical staff JHI has offered over 10,400 consultations to infirm or disabled patients, improving not just the lives of the patient, but the level of expertise of the local treating doctor. 

Delivered over 1,700 lectures attended by 60,000 professionals, homecare workers, and individuals.

Secured over $1,850,000 in donation of medical equipment and durable goods

Provided over 27,000 hours of healthcare services valued in the millions of dollars.

We are currently working with J.A.F.I. on a new project to engage our volunteers and staff with the new "TEN" program, and Jewish Peace Corps! Stay tuned for news!