Founded more than 13 years ago by Dr. Stephen Kutner.

In ten years JHI has sent almost 3,000 health care professionals and lectured to more than 40,000 sets of ears!

Not to mention the consultations, clinic rounds and over $1,000,000 in donated equipment we have arranged to have brought to areas of need. 

As Dr. Kutner is fond of saying: "We are bridge builders." 

JHI provides a strong and viable Jewish presence in international humanitarian medical relief worldwide.

JHI’s is committed to:

• Providing ongoing delivery of healthcare to impoverished, underserved communities.

• Leveraging resources

• Engaging volunteers

• Developing partnerships

• Fostering the Jewish values of Tikun Olam, Mitzvot and Tzedakah.

At each site JHI strives to meet community needs by:

• Providing skilled teams of healthcare professionals to work with local professionals

• Delivering services, consultations, home visits and public health education

• Donating durable medical goods and equipment

• Providing improved healthcare service for communities served