JHI has sent an average of 15 to 17 Missions annually to served sites; normally as many as 54 participants (including Diaspora and Israeli healthcare professionals) will provide about 20-30 individual consultations each and will make almost as many home visits. They will deliver lectures to thousands of local healthcare professionals and students.

     JHI has worked in seven sites in Eastern Europe, including Minsk, Belarus; Odessa, Ukraine, Chisinau, Tiraspol, Beltsy and Transnistria, Moldova; Riga, Latvia and soon, Vilnius, Lithuania. Programs include: JHI’s homecare workers training program is being delivered in six sites with each participant receiving Russian text manuals for reference. A “train the trainer” session is also provided to each location. JHI “Summer Camp for Children with Special Needs” program is delivered in three sites.
     We are constructing a program that includes training college students as “counselors”. JHI’s Healthy lifestyles program is delivered in two sites, and focuses on teaching young adults various methods of personal safety and the dangers of addictions. JHI’s programs for the elderly include gerontology issues, focusing on health and wellness issues of the frail elderly clients of Hesed. JHI’s program in Riga focuses on helping rebuild centers of excellence at the only Jewish Hospital in Eastern Europe.
As a result of the disaster in Haiti, JHI is currently sending healthcare professionals to help rebuild the medical infrastructure in Port au Prince and in the Central Plateau region of the country.
     In Israel, JHI provides health screenings in Ethiopian absorption centers, examining people for vision hearing and dental health issues. The JHI Volunteer placement program places specialists in various healthcare facilities in Israel for extended visits, working with their peers.